First flight, first bit of hassle


November 21, 2012 by 2sorefeet

Have you seen Inception? At the end of it, Leonardo di Caprio’s character is sitting on a plane wondering whether or not he will pass through immigration. Ok, it might not be as dramatic as that, but we were still brickin’ it. When we arrived at Heathrow we found out the Travel agent balls’d up our ticket. The women at the check-in desk asked where we were going, so we said Kathmandu via Delhi. Normally, what should happen here is that you will have your bags checked in to the final destination and we would be issued with new boarding cards for our second flight at the transfer section at Delhi airport. However the travel agent made 2 separate bookings so crucially our bags weren’t checked in  so we were told that we would have to go out to the carousel and pick up our bags and check in for our next flight in departures , which meant passing immigration! The problem here is  that although we have an Indian Visa, it is a single entry Visa, which we were planning on using 12 days later.

Common sense should prevail in a situation like this and say “Ok, you are staying in the Airport, you are in transit. Quickly go collect your bags and we’ll turn a blind eye to this”. But, we are in India.

When we arrived at the Immigration desk, (The Special Assistance Desk- which we believed was for situations like this but found out otherwise when around 7 wheelchairs rolled up behind us), the guy at the Immigration desk was baffled. Obviously this wasn’t in the procedure. After first shouting “YOU CAN NOT ENTER INDIA”, his friend came over and told us to ask someone in British Airways to sort it out. So, great, they blamed the airline and a representative of British Airways came and sorted it out, despite them doing nothing wrong. I wanted to tell them that I was greatly disappointed, but thought that would be pushing it.


7 thoughts on “First flight, first bit of hassle

  1. piklo says:

    Coucou les amoureux, j’espère que ce sera l’unique mésaventure de votre parcours. En plus, ça reste toujours une bonne histoire à raconter plus tard 😉

  2. Sandra says:

    Eh ben dis donc…voilà déjà pas mal d’histoires à raconter alors que vous n’étiez même pas encore arrivés à destination. Comme dis piklo, bonne histoire à raconter plus tard. J’espère que vos 1ers jours en Inde sont moins “aventureux”…au plaisir de vous lire de nouveau. Take care of you…bises…I miss you

  3. motch says:

    grand depaysement

  4. alix says:

    Si la suite ressemble au début… ces 9 prochains mois vont être passionnants!! 🙂 profitez en!!!!!!

  5. Mahwash says:

    Nothing since this boy!!! So whts happenning now…and you gotta get in touch since your first seat numbers from varanasi would come on my phone number!

  6. Julien, Fanny et Azzz says:

    Coucou les Deux Pieds du bout du monde!
    Petit bonjour de Bruxelles pour vous dire qu’on pense fort à vous et qu’on espère que tout va bien après le trek. De plus, on suit de près le trajet sur la carte du monde affichée dans la cuisine de Louveigné. 😉
    Du côté de Bruxelles, tout va bien. Azzz vous passe d’ailleurs un petit miaulement! On espère que verrez d’aussi beaux chats sur la route!
    Très gros bisous,
    Julien, Fanny et Azzzz.

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