Namaste from Nepal


December 4, 2012 by 2sorefeet

Namaste! You can relax now- We are safe! Sorry for not updating since we left, let’s just say that Nepal’s power supply is not the most reliable in the world! We didn’t really mind the daily power cuts and power surges (sometimes for a few minutes, sometimes for a few hours) it was just a bit worrying to see our laptop charger start smokin’ on the second day! But all is good now – we have (eventually) found a new charger here in India!nepal 246

So, 2 weeks into the trip- where to begin!?!? It feels like we have already been away for months even though Nepal came and went extremely quickly- the highlight without any doubt being our 5 day 55km trek on the Annapurna circuit. Definitely worth the 7 hour death defying bus journey to Pokhara. (Think buses over-taking buses on roads where there is barely enough room for one bus, with a 3000m drop around 15cms away). nepal 390The photos you see are from our third day of the trek where we got up at 5am (it was -9c), to trek 3200 metres to Poon Hill to watch the sunrise over the Himalayas. Watching the sun come up over 80 peaks, some towering over 8kms high from a beautiful panoramic setting was an absolutely amazing and unforgettable experience.

nepal 406

We took our time in Nepal (apart from the Trek) to try and get used to the rhythm of backpacking and Asian life. Kathmandu was a complete culture shock for us, from the first taxi ride into the city through overcrowded neighbourhoods with so much going on for our brains to process until our last day when we shared a “tempo” (a sort of public bus) to a temple. The “public bus” was actually a van smaller than a minivan but with 22 people squashed in the back!

But the lasting impression when we look back over Nepal in the coming months and years will be kindness and compassion of the always smiling Nepalese people. Despite being one of the poorest nations on the planet, not once did we feel in danger and people were more than happy to assist us when necessary and were incredibly friendly.

We just arrived in India now, so no opinion available at the moment… one thing is for sure though, the culture shock looks set to continue…

Talk to you soon,

John & Marie


2 thoughts on “Namaste from Nepal

  1. Sandra says:

    C’est super d’avoir de vos nouvelles et de voir enfin des photos. Malgré la fatigue, vous avez l’air épanouis. Bonne continuation…hâte de lire la suite de votre aventure. Prenez bien de vous…bises

  2. Cath M. says:

    Super de lire vos aventures ! Je vois en tous cas qu’elles sont nombreuses et variées en Inde… pourvu que l’épisode Tourista soit maintenant une histoire ancienne (voilà ce qui arrive quand abuse du thé au beurre de yacht…).
    Continuez à bien profitez… j’ai hâte de lire la suite,
    Bisous gelés de Belgique…

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