Sawatdee kraup from Thailand!


January 17, 2013 by 2sorefeet

What a difference a day makes! From the moment we arrived in Bangkok airport, the atmosphere was different. We had left behind dark, cold and polluted Delhi and arrived in hot and sunny Bangkok! We’ve been in Thailand for a little over 2 weeks now, and if I was to list the differences between here and India… I would be typing for a week.

We had heard that Bangkok was an overwhelming city – overcrowded, dirty and chaotic traffic to top it all off. Maybe it was the fact that we had just arrived from India, but we had the impression that we had just entered into a small, clean and (almost) peaceful town!

Bangkok skyline

Bangkok skyline

We absolutely loved Bangkok. We stayed 4 nights in total, and probably could have stayed a few more days. Not completely dissimilar to New York, the city is divided up into districts. Over the  course of our stay we managed to see quite a few of these;  Eating absolutely fantastic street food in Chinatown, getting lost in gigantic shopping centres in Siam Square, walking around the urban jungle of Khao San & exploring the enormous weekend market of Chatuchak were just some of the highlights.



Being big lovers of Thai cuisine before we left on this trip, we were really looking forward to tasting the food here- and I can safely say that we have not been disappointed! No matter which little street vendor we’ve visited or no matter what mystery dish we picked from the menu we have been pleasantly surprised…. And the fruit shakes, the fruit shakes!!! Fresh passion fruit, coconut, papaya, dragon fruit, sweet lime, etc. they are so good!

Soup and Fruit Shakes!

Soup and Fruit Shakes!

To say we our enjoying the food is an understatement, in fact, we are enjoying the food so much we even took a cooking class in Chiang Mai, in the North of Thailand, which is where we found ourselves after Bangkok. The second largest city in Thailand, but absolutely nothing compared to the capital. (90% of all Thai vehicles are in Bangkok) The city was extremely laid back and relaxing. Apart from the cooking class, which was a day long course held in an organic farm 20kms outside the city, we rented some bicycles and explored the many temples scattered around the place on two wheels.IMG_1918

Not content with 4 days chilling out in sleepy Chiang Mai, we travelled an hour and a half Northwest-wards towards the Myanmar border to a little hippy town called Pai for even more shameful relaxing! Set in a remote valley in between the northern mountains and lush jungles, here we rented a bamboo hut fully equipped with its very own hammock (which I can ensure you got lots of use!)

It's a tough life...

It’s a tough life…

But guilt eventually arrived (after another 4 days) and it was time to actually do something “productive”. So since yesterday, we now we find ourselves in Soppong, a one street village 50 odd kilometres from Pai where today we visited a few nearby villages and an impressive cave, which was only accessible by taking a bamboo raft inside.

Entrance to the cave.

Entrance to the cave.

Plan over the next few days is to start making our way to the north east, where we will eventually be entering Laos via the Mekong River. But that’s ages away yet, we still have plenty of hammock time left for the moment! Life is tough! 🙂

Take to you soon

John & Marie


2 thoughts on “Sawatdee kraup from Thailand!

  1. Sandra says:

    Bonjour les amis,
    Heureuse de voir que vous allez bien et que votre voyage se passe bien. J’attendais votre post avec impatience et je dois dire que ça a valu la peine. Quel superbe récit et quelles magnifiques photos…ça donne vraiment envie. Encore merci de partager avec nous cette incroyable aventure. En espérant vous lire bientôt, je vous souhaite une bonne continuation de voyage…faites attention à vous. Bises

  2. Julien Facchin says:

    Putain demain je dois aller au bureau … j aurias jamais du ouvrir votre site …. 🙂
    Wonderful picture mate … i can see that you are taking good time there …. more than your bro calculating NAV next to me in STT …. ahahahah
    Enjoy it … think about me and clotilde on the 27th of april wherever you will be …
    Good trip … i hope the honey moon for us will be a piece of dreams like what we can see from the picture of your trip ….

    Bisous JuJu le Fack et Clotilde la Fack

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